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Fitness class schedule

buy your ticket to class!

Class tickets are sold on a per class basis! 


Fall is here and everyone is trying to "set" their schedules!  I'm happy to announce that the Body Box classes will continue to be offered with the flexibility of coming to and paying for the classes when you are available! 

AND. . .the classes have now moved *Indoors*!! Space is very limited so be sure to purchase your class ticket now!!

Each week, once a class has finished, the next week's class will be available for purchase.  When shopping for your pass you will be shopping by date and type.

For example for Body Box classes with a bag:

Body Box - Jun 19/19 6:15 PM with a "Bag" ribbon

For Body Box classes with or without weights (e.g. NO bag):

Body Box - Jun 19/19 6:15 PM with a "Weights or Not" ribbon.


De-stress by punching and kicking through your frustrations!  Enjoy the cardiovascular workout as well as the exhilaration of feeling powerful with each move!

Classes are available with:

  • A choice of boxing bag or

  • Choice of light dumbbells or none.


Both versions offer a great workout experience!

Suitable for all levels. Women only

Registration closes at the discretion of Reality Fitness Training.  If you do not see your desired class posted any longer, please text me at 204.996.5644 to inquire.

Unfortunately, there is no current schedule for Body Box classes.

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