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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I want to share my experiences, both good and bad, with each of you to help you make your lifestyle change to a better health and a better you.


Why Reality Fitness?  I chose this name because it reflects the values that I want to instill into my clients.  These values will assist you to realistically attain your health goals. 

This website is about getting healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  This includes both adequate physical activity and well balanced nutrition.  The key to sustaining physical activity and bettering your health is to do “something”.  This website is about creating a healthy, realistic lifestyle enabling you to get out and have fun and feel good about yourself.

Too many websites provide unrealistic plans for the average person that become daunting and unattainable.  My method is simple, clear, and realistic.  With dedication, perseverance and practice you will learn how to properly exercise.  ​ I design my programs with the principle of adaptation in mind.  This principle refers to the process of the body getting accustomed to a particular exercise through repeated exposure.  As your body adapts to the stress of the new exercise, they will slowly become easier to perform.  At this point, I would then change your exercise routine. In order to maximize results you do require change; it just needs to be at the proper time.

With my personal training method, each client is treated for their specific and personal goals.  Each workout designed will be clear, concise and attainable.    My aim is to assist my clients towards lifestyle change.  One of the keys to success of working out is to learn to do your exercises properly, effectively and without injury.  After 4 weeks your program will change.  It likely will not be a drastic change.  It will be a micro progression.  Micro progressions will help increase your fitness activity and level by allowing your body to slowly adapt to change, realistically progress and sustain the changes.    These progressions will also help you in your day to day activities.  The exercises are functional and will teach you how to perform these day to day tasks with less injury. 

My programs are designed to help my clients achieve a realistic lifestyle change at a pace conducive to them . 


I look forward to assisting you in achieving that lifestyle change.

Certifications / Licenses
  • Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS) - Can Fit Pro

  • Resistance Trainer (RT) - Manitoba Fitness Council

  • Core De Force Instructor - Beach Body

  • Countless hours personal training clients of all levels

  • Group classes of all levels of varying type of workouts including:  Bootcamp, Fusion, Strength Training, Circuit Training, Cardio or HIIT Classes, Power Kick, Boxing Classes, Focus 12 and much much more

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